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Why an investment club by and for women?

Women are great fund managers and business leaders …

A 2007 Catalyst report confirms that state of affairs and reveals that companies where there are more female decision makers than men generate 42%,53% et 66% more respectively on profit, return on equity and return on investment.

… but they face glass cealings and social constrainsts …

Despite this, a study conducted by Word Bank on 5169 companies, revealed that only 13% of them are owned by women.

… and Senegal is no exception

Women entrepreneurs are a minority all over the world. Senegal is no exception. Here, only 22. 9% of companies are owned by women.

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“As a mom, I want to grow my wealth to secure the future of my children.”

“Nous les femmes sommes créatives mais manquons de ressources pour donner vie à nos idées !”

“J’aimerai diversifier mes investissements, et les marchés financiers représentent une aubaine.”

“Avoir accès à un réseau de femmes professionnelles et entrepreneurs représente une réelle opportunité de développement du leadership féminin.”